library of emoji art, 2017 - ongoing
Schwenk, PILOT| 'schöppingen: emoji art', 2017 (GIF 13 seconds with sound x 5 cycles)
Schwenk ,PILOT|'tears of joy: emoji art', 2017 (GIF 31 secs with sound x 3 cycles)

The library of emoji art is a work in progress showcasing emoji art created by communities across the world.

Every emoji art is a community-oriented public art project that will bring together hundreds/thousands of people from select cities to create unique large-scale emoji made from the bodies of the performers.

Each work of socially engaged performance art will be site-specific and the emoji–designed by the community via workshops–will reflect the city’s/community’s identity.

Every work of emoji art will be paired with an emoji art performance of the most loved emoji of the year. This will connect individual projects with the broader community of the world.

Each volume of emoji art will be made up of various works of art that represent and promote each cities emoji art.

A pilot or trial of emoji art was created during an artist residency (with no budget) at the Künstlerdorf Schöppingen, DE.

emoji artperformances in the physical world, like emoji in the digital world, connect people, enhancing communication across cultural and language barriers.