connect: agapē, 2016-ongoing

connect: agapē is an international art project about connecting with others. The work seeks to break down barriers by bringing people together to share new experiences. (Agapē is a universal love that builds and maintains the social and psychological fabric that nurtures, protects and enriches us.)

The feeling driving this performance is true connection. In a world of increasing fear– we need to reach out to others – to celebrate life and the amazing nature within each of us.

connect: agapē is being created with the local community in Blanca Spain, Schöppingen and Berlin, Germany, and New York City, USA. Over 140 people have participated in this work so far.

For this project, the artist meets with each participant for 15 minutes. Sylvia asks five universal questions and directs each person to create common gestures of connection that she films.

The artist is working with around 40 people from each city the work is performed in, to create a social and visual portrait

Schwenk, 'gestures NYC' from'connect: agapē' - small example of work in progress

This work is being supported by: